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Model Law: A Blog About Legal Issues

When to Call a Family Lawyer to Discuss Your Aging Parent

by Susanna Phillips

Seeing a parent grow older and start to struggle with their daily care can be difficult for an adult child, but sometimes you as that child needs to step in and take over their care. In many cases, it's good to first talk to a family lawyer so you are protected from any accusations you may face when it comes to the care of your parents and especially their finances. It can also be good for parents and their adult children to meet with these attorneys together so that everyone knows their rights and options in certain circumstances. Note when it's good to call a family lawyer to discuss the care of an aging parent.

1. They are facing a life-threatening illness

You may not like talking to your parents about their wishes when it comes to being on life support after an illness or surgery, if they want to donate their organs, and the like, but these subjects can be necessary as they age and especially if they're facing a serious illness or surgery. Having an attorney bring up the subject of a living will, health care directive, and other such legal information can make the process easier for you. Your parent can state his or her wishes and an attorney can ensure those wishes are noted and legally protected.

2. You think someone is taking advantage of them financially or otherwise

It may be rare, but sometimes a home health care provider, nurse, or other caretaker may be taking advantage of an elderly one. They may be convincing that person to give them money or are coercing them to change their will and include them. If you think this is happening with your aging parent, talk to a family lawyer. You may have certain rights when it comes to protecting the family finances and your parents from anyone exercising undue influence toward them.

3. The parent may be a danger to themselves or others

An aging parent that shouldn't be driving any longer or who cannot remember to take their medication may need to see the law intervene in these cases. You might discuss your options with an attorney for having your parent's driver's license suspended, putting them in an extended care facility, or otherwise taking over their care. An attorney can note the process involved in getting such orders from the court so your parent will need to comply and no longer be a danger to themselves or others.

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