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Model Law: A Blog About Legal Issues

2 Important Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

by Susanna Phillips

After being injured on the job, at a storefront, or in a car accident, you may not think you need the services of an attorney and may assume you can handle your claim on your own. However, it's good to hire an attorney even if you're thinking of accepting that settlement, and especially if you think you might need to go to court. Rather than trying to manage your case on your own, note a few good reasons to hire a personal injury lawyer or at least consult with them before you make any decisions.

1. Time limits

You may be familiar with the term "statute of limitations" and know that you have a time limit to file a claim against someone for an injury case, but in some areas there may also be time limits as to when you can see a doctor after an injury. If you fail to seek medical treatment of any sort within that timeframe, you may lose your rights to a case. If you do decide to file a claim, there are timeframes for you to respond to the other party's paperwork, and so on. In order to ensure that you understand all the time limits you have for everything involved with your case, it's good to consult with an attorney.

2. Precedents being set

Another reason to consult with an attorney is that new precedents may be set which you might overlook on your own; this refers to judgments or decisions being handed down for cases similar to yours, and it's not unusual for a judge to refer to those precedents when making their own decisions.

If you were to attempt to do your own research as to your rights in a case, you may overlook new precedents that were set for a similar case. For example, a recent case like yours may have included a large settlement for a similar injury because of having found an employer to be more liable for an employee's injuries, and you may not realize that you could apply that precedent to your case. In turn, you might accept a settlement offer that is much lower than what you would otherwise receive.

Attorneys like Nigams Legal are always keeping current with these types of precedents that are set for the types of cases they handle. They will know how to apply them to your case in order to secure the largest judgment or settlement possible.


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