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Model Law: A Blog About Legal Issues

Starting A Business? Here's Why You Should Register A Trademark

by Susanna Phillips

Starting a new business requires that you pay attention to many details that impact the business in diverse ways. One such detail that you should give serious attention to is the trademark. The trademark is a word, logo or design that represents your product, service or company. Below, find out why a trademark is so important for your new business.

Create a strong brand identity for your business

Unlike patents that are all about the idea driving the business, trademarks are all about the image of the business. Without a registered trademark, your business has no identity upon which it can anchor its products or services. However, if you create a trademark, you can capitalize on it to create a well-known brand identity. A strong brand identity will help to automatically drive the business as consumers will already recognize it and trust it. You will then be in a position to market your business in a much easier way by applying the trademark on your advertisements, product packaging and merchandise.

Differentiate your products from the competition

A trademark also helps to differentiate your products from those of your competitors. In an open market, any business niche can get congested due to numerous products that look similar. However, no two businesses can have the exact trademark. A trademark, therefore, lets your products stand out from the crowd. This allows your loyal customers, as well as new ones, to find your products easily. In addition to that, the trademark allows you to capitalize on the strong brand identity that you have worked so hard to build. After all, what good would branding be if customers couldn't distinguish your products in the market?

Protect your brand from infringement

Most importantly, a trademark allows you to safeguard your brand from counterfeiters and copycats. Once you've registered your business, no other entity can use it. Often, when a certain product does really well in the market, unscrupulous traders try to cash in on its success by simulating its identity. With a registered trademark in your pocket, you will have the legal backing to prosecute any such entities that try to take unfair advantage of your brand.

To create a trademark, consult a brand image designer. They will help you develop a mark that represents your brand well. If you already have a trademark, consult a trademark attorney and find out what you need to do in order to register it. 


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