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Model Law: A Blog About Legal Issues

Using Migration Agents

by Susanna Phillips

Visa application and procedures are a hectic affair for almost any individual out there. There are many structured steps to follow, documents to obtain, details to countercheck and more. Luckily, migration agents come in handy at this time for any individual seeking to relocate, work, or study in a foreign place. In many countries, visa complications lead many people into traps and unwelcome scams purporting to simplify the process. With migration agents, there is no special person to pay a below-the-table sum for your processing, no go-between guy who can secure you that crucial stamp, and such eventualities. You simply need to get the right registered agents and watch the system work smoothly. So how does this work?

Visa application

Visa application should be a carefully thought of process. Details regarding your paperwork, as well as the correct visa to apply for, will greatly influence the process. Migration agents not only help you gather the correct paperwork, but they also apply for the best suitable visa. If you are going to start working in Australia, for instance, your migration agents can help you apply for various paper work that collectively will aide in you finally getting the work permit. Errors in visa applications also lead to delays and even penalties at times. It is these errors that good migration agents help you catch in time and avoid before you further subterfuge your own application unknowingly.


There are several things you can expect from your migration agent's office. For a start, they immediately take up correspondence on your behalf with the government body in charge. This means that the agent will get all notifications from the concerned body regarding your application. They are to ensure that you respond appropriately and in a timely manner. The agency will handle all fee requirements and should communicate the exact figures to you.

The figure the agency charges as their personal charge should be an agreed upon sum separate from the official visa processing fee. You should also know that you are responsible for all the information and claims you make in your application. The agents may not be able to help you should you be found to have falsified data in your application. Of course, the process of visa awarding lies squarely in the government agency's discretion. While your agents may not be able to influence or even expedite the process, the best migration agents can, however, make sure that unnecessary delays do not burden your application thanks to several preventable errors. Add some years of accumulated experience hacks and you have a good chance of securing those visas and permits easily.


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