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Model Law: A Blog About Legal Issues

How to prove a workers compensation claim

by Susanna Phillips

When you are injured in your line of work and you file a workers compensation claim, it's your responsibility to demonstrate that you actually deserve to receive the settlement from your employer. That is akin in principal to the liability of proof applied to petitioners in civil lawsuits. Basically, you are asking for something and the jury or judge says that you have to prove that you deserve whatever you're requesting for. To prove your workers compensation claim, you'll require evidence in the form of paperwork and testimony. With the help of your compensation attorney, you'll gather and bring forward your evidence in front of the court, or your lawyer may use it to discuss a settlement of your entitlement beforehand. Here are the various types of proof that you will typically require to support your workers compensation claim.

Medical records

This is arguably the foundation of your claim. The most crucial part of your claim will be proving that you sustained serious injuries; therefore, you'll need all your medical records to prove that you suffered injuries and received treatment from a registered medical facility. Additionally, you'll also need to show the medical receipt bills that you incurred for your treatment.

Employment records

The purpose of employment records is to establish the fact that you actually enjoyed an employer-employee association at the time of the mishap. Your monthly pay checks can prove that you were part of the company's payroll and that you were being taxed as a citizen.  If you received a written offer of service and employment at the time you started the job, then you could use that document to prove your occupation relationship. Additionally, copies of performance appraisals can validate your employment association.

Witness testimony

Any eyewitness who was at the scene of the accident can issue a statement or testimony regarding the real events and can help you prove that the mishap resulted in your injuries. The doctors who treated you can also act as witnesses to prove your claim by explaining the state in which you were brought in for treatment and the injuries sustained.


Failure to notify your employer about the accident and your injuries with a stipulated time frame can result in your claim being denied. Therefore, you can submit a copy of the notice document that you actually served your employer with following your accident.

Compensation lawyers can help you gather all these types of evidences to validate your claim. For more information, contact a local firm like Young And Muggleton


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