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Model Law: A Blog About Legal Issues

3 Requirements for a Successful Car Accident Compensation Claim

by Susanna Phillips

Being involved in a car accident is a painful and emotionally draining experience even for the strongest-willed individuals. Apart from nursing wounds, one is still expected to make claims for compensation, which is mentally taxing. Unfortunately, not many people understand what to consider in compensation lawsuits. Here are some of the bare minimum standards that you must watch out for when seeking compensation.

Whiplash -- In most settlement claims, the injured body part plays a vital role since it determines the amount of compensation due to a victim. While whiplash is not a medical term, the concept is used to define soft tissue injuries that occur between the neck and the back, which are generally associated with painful limitations. However, one must prove that the whiplash injuries are a direct result of an accident to qualify for compensation. With a good compensation lawyer, you can still receive sufficient relief, thereby enabling you to recover and lead a healthy life. Before engaging a lawyer, ensure that all records are available, including the time of the accident and any hospital records that strengthen your case.

Multiple Method -- Although most car accidents leave physical marks, the emotional scars are more profound and might cause trauma to an affected person immediately or in the long term. However, most people are confused about quantifying any non-economic damages suffered, which is likely to lower their compensation package. It is understandable since some claims that range from mental anguish and inability to enjoy life is not tangible. Notably, a compensation claim is calculated using the multiple methods, where damages are compounded to arrive at a fair price. Typically, your injuries are classified between one and five, with a higher figure demonstrating the seriousness of a claim. Hiring a good compensation lawyer is your best bet since they are trained to tweak the system on behalf of their clients.

Time Limit -- Although one might be experiencing pain and trauma due to an accident, the law expects you to file your claim within three years as outlined within the Limitation of Actions Act. Many people have waived their right to compensation due to late filing of claims. Therefore, if you are physically unable to follow up on justice, you can confer trust powers either on an attorney or a close relative to represent you. However, the law provides some exceptions in this regard, including mental incapacity and underage children. Therefore, one should make the necessary plans in pursuit of compensation claims.

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