Model Law: A Blog About Legal Issues

Model Law: A Blog About Legal Issues

  • Useful Divorce Guidelines Experts Recommend to Avoid Complications

    Divorce is one of the complex situations a couple can deal with even though it's considered to be the easiest way to say goodbye to a partner. Both parties may agree to divorce, but in other cases, one spouse may try to hold on and make the marriage work while the other one isn't interested. Often, many couples make mistakes when they face an unfortunate situation like a divorce because of the emotions that are involved.

  • 3 Requirements for a Successful Car Accident Compensation Claim

    Being involved in a car accident is a painful and emotionally draining experience even for the strongest-willed individuals. Apart from nursing wounds, one is still expected to make claims for compensation, which is mentally taxing. Unfortunately, not many people understand what to consider in compensation lawsuits. Here are some of the bare minimum standards that you must watch out for when seeking compensation. Whiplash -- In most settlement claims, the injured body part plays a vital role since it determines the amount of compensation due to a victim.

  • The Benefits Of Hiring a Solicitor

    A solicitor is one of the most vital personnel you will require as you purchase property. He or she will handle the legal aspects of the purchase to protect you from future liabilities. Read the extract below to get a better understanding of why you require a property solicitor. Real Estate Advice Most property solicitors are experienced real estate professionals. As such, they will provide invaluable advice regarding;  Property prices.

  • What Role Does a Lawyer Play in Deceased Estates?

    Once someone passes on, their assets and property become their estate. Often, the deceased person leaves instructions—a will—which outlines what should happen to their estate once they die. Those who get the deceased assets and property are beneficiaries, and the assets and properties are known as an inheritance, a bequest or a legacy. A will names an executor, who is assigned to administer the estate to the beneficiaries. Estate administration involves functions such as:

  • Why Should You Consider a Conservation Easement as Part of Your Property Strategy?

    If you are a property investor, or otherwise own large areas of land within your state or territory, then you may always be on the lookout for additional purchase opportunities or ways to strategically manage the land that you own. Some of this land may be in an area that has been otherwise earmarked for conservation by the local authority or may be of other interest from a public point of view.

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    Model Law: A Blog About Legal Issues

    Hello. I'm Mark and I am the manager of a successful modelling agency. It is my job to ensure that our models are well cared for and generate positive publicity for the agency. Sometimes that can be quite challenging and I spend a lot of time liaising with our legal team. From clients who refuse to honour contracts to models who are facing charges themselves, I am constantly dealing with legal issues. Over the years, I have become quite familiar with a range of laws and legal processes. My friends and family consider me to be a veritable fount of information when they have legal questions. I have decided to compose this blog in order to address the issues I most commonly deal with. Please browse at your leisure.