Model Law: A Blog About Legal Issues

Model Law: A Blog About Legal Issues

  • Criminal Law: Should you represent yourself?

    When you are arrested for a crime, you can either hire a lawyer, use one appointed to you by the courts, or represent yourself. If you are someone that has a basic understanding of the legal system and you are not guilty of the crime, you might think representing yourself is a good option. Here are some things to consider when deciding if this is a good idea. How severe was the crime?

  • 2 Ways to Restore Your Credit Post-Bankruptcy

    Rebuilding your credit rating post-bankruptcy can sometimes seem like an arduous task. However, if you have recently filed for bankruptcy protection, note that there's life after liquidation, and it does not have to be a life where you are treated similar to an economic outcast and expelled to years of credit banishment. In the long run, how well you bounce back from bankruptcy is influenced by the post-bankruptcy actions you take to protect yourself against potential economic meltdown.

  • How A Conveyancer Helps In Property Fraud Prevention

    Property fraud is on the rise, and each day, it seems like fraudsters discover a new angle of depriving landlords and tenants of their hard earned money. The fact is that property fraud can hit you from any direction, and hence, you should take measures to ensure you are not caught unawares. Who Is At Risk Of Property Fraud? Property fraud happens when someone fakes another person's property ownership documents like title deeds and uses the fake documents to sell the property or obtain a mortgage.

  • When Is it Time to See a Compensation Lawyer for Your Case?

    After getting injured on the job, your employer's insurance carrier should provide compensation for your medical bills and other such expenses. In some cases this is a simple process, if your injury was relatively minor and obviously the fault of your employer. You may not need to call a lawyer in that case and may be able to return to work soon enough. However, not all cases are that simple and you may need to call a compensation lawyer to assist you.

  • What to Do If You Receive a Public Liability Claim as a Small Business Owner?

    If you receive notice that there has been a claim against your company's public liability insurance it's important that you act appropriately to ensure you don't put your business at risk. Here are the steps you should take if you receive notice of a claim.  Gather All Your Internal Facts Based on the data that you have in the letter, you should gather any accessible internal information. For instance, if you have the dates of the event, it can be useful to work out which staff members were on call that day and contact them to get their statements or records of the event, gather any internal reports on the incident and make sure that any footage is preserved.

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    Model Law: A Blog About Legal Issues

    Hello. I'm Mark and I am the manager of a successful modelling agency. It is my job to ensure that our models are well cared for and generate positive publicity for the agency. Sometimes that can be quite challenging and I spend a lot of time liaising with our legal team. From clients who refuse to honour contracts to models who are facing charges themselves, I am constantly dealing with legal issues. Over the years, I have become quite familiar with a range of laws and legal processes. My friends and family consider me to be a veritable fount of information when they have legal questions. I have decided to compose this blog in order to address the issues I most commonly deal with. Please browse at your leisure.