Model Law: A Blog About Legal Issues

Model Law: A Blog About Legal Issues

  • Conveyance Mistakes to Avoid When You Aren't the Sole Owner of a Property

    Are you planning to buy a home with a spouse or a friend? Here are some crucial conveyance mistakes that you should avoid making. Putting Only One Name on the Deed Some people may think that there is no problem if only one of the parties to a home purchase appears on the title deed of that home. This is especially true for very close friends who may not imagine that anything can go wrong between them.

  • Workers Comp: What You Should Know About The Examination

    When you get injured in the workplace, you first need to see a doctor that has been approved by the workers' compensation insurance policy. This involves an independent examination by the doctor to determine the severity of your condition. Here are some things to know about this examination. It Has to Be Done By An Approved Physician In most cases, you will not be able to get the examination from your own doctor.

  • Pre-marital engagement: Here's why you need a prenuptial agreement

    Are you engaged and waiting to get married? Understanding the financial implications of your marriage can go a long way in helping you to make sound decisions regarding the management of your assets. Simply, a prenuptial agreement refers to an agreement in which you and your partner identify the respective assets you have and decide upon their ownership in case the marriage comes to an end. You can benefit from a prenuptial agreement in a situation where you bring personal property into the marriage.

  • Starting A Business? Here's Why You Should Register A Trademark

    Starting a new business requires that you pay attention to many details that impact the business in diverse ways. One such detail that you should give serious attention to is the trademark. The trademark is a word, logo or design that represents your product, service or company. Below, find out why a trademark is so important for your new business. Create a strong brand identity for your business Unlike patents that are all about the idea driving the business, trademarks are all about the image of the business.

  • Should You Use a Legal Aid Lawyer or Opt for a Private Criminal Defence Lawyer?

    In the Australian justice system, defendants are entitled to a public defence lawyer to help them achieve the best results in a court of law. For people who are charged with a crime, they have a choice of whether to use the legal aid system, or seek out a private defence lawyer. Here are some situations where it can be more useful to get a private defence lawyer.  You have the financial means

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    Model Law: A Blog About Legal Issues

    Hello. I'm Mark and I am the manager of a successful modelling agency. It is my job to ensure that our models are well cared for and generate positive publicity for the agency. Sometimes that can be quite challenging and I spend a lot of time liaising with our legal team. From clients who refuse to honour contracts to models who are facing charges themselves, I am constantly dealing with legal issues. Over the years, I have become quite familiar with a range of laws and legal processes. My friends and family consider me to be a veritable fount of information when they have legal questions. I have decided to compose this blog in order to address the issues I most commonly deal with. Please browse at your leisure.